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When I was looking for What is drumming? I found there are lots of things written about drumming, such as

Drumming Is My Madness….., Drumming is my favorite subject!….., Drumming is harder than Football!…., Drumming is a unique….., Drumming is my Everything, Drumming is the future…, Drumming is Beneficial….., Drumming is the new homeopathy…., Drumming is for everyone……, Drumming is a serious business…., Drumming Is Dancing…., Drumming is group’s heartbeat……, Drumming is Blessed Bliss for Me……., Drumming is Hard….., Drumming is a Workout…., Drumming is the name of the game……

It is really difficult to understand what exactly drumming is?

But when I visited drummer community in USA and Canada. I have realized that what I read in above posts is 100% true. As every post has its own passion about drumming.

When I started drumming then I noticed that drumming is not easy i.e. it is harder than football and it is a unique.

I also noticed in my community that drumming is Beneficial as few of us has get chance to perform on live shows with famous artist. For few of us get business from our drum community.

Now each group member in our drum community is so close to each other that Drumming is our heartbeat. No issue that drumming is good workout also more than homeopathic medicine for body as lot of my body issue is solved after 2 months from the start of drumming

If we take it passionately then it will be everything for you, as time goes on and your passion rises with time. A day will come when you will be involved 100% in it, then you will realize future of drumming. It is the future where you will get chance to bring up you talent infront of world and win heart of lots of drum fans.

Now a days Drumming is not limited to certain regions but it is globally appreciated talent event. So it is for everyone who believe in him/her self to do something in life. Peoples are joining drumming from all age group.

Here are few questions about early drumming

Where can I get my First Drum Kit and what points I have to consider while choosing first drum kit

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Where can I discuss drumming issues?

At Drum Community I found solution for most of the above questions, about drumming, live shows and more details

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